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224 Films

Today we feature the fabulously talented 224 Films, a wedding photography and videography couple.  Jackie and Mitch have photographed several of our weddings and we are smitten with their work. We are happy to share a few photos 224 Films took of a Alexandria and Marcus’ recent wedding at selaroM Events.  Enjoy!

224 Films

“We are Jackie + Mitch, your storytellers! We are high school sweethearts and feel so blessed to be able to work together every day doing something we love! We chose weddings as our specialty because we love the beauty of the day. It’s all about the emotions, smiles, laughter, the mother gazing on her beautiful daughter who grew up so fast, the groom tearing up as he sees his beautiful bride for the first time; you can see so much love that is present all around you. Being in love ourselves, we know just how to capture those special moments from both perspectives to best tell your story.”

  (915) 867-5352

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