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Reception Music – Band or DJ?

When you have the band-versus-dj discussion, you need to think about what each has to offer before signing a contract. A great dj is better than a mediocre band any day, but a live band has wonderful energy that you can’t get from recorded music. You decide which fits your party (and budget) better.
Reasons to book a DJ:
  • He’s affordable. 
  • Will play any song you want.
  • Can work in small spaces without a lot of equipment.
  • Keeps music going during the entire party with no lull.
  • Is trained to choreograph the reception and make announcements.

Reasons to book a band:
  • They make a more dramatic presentation, with musicians, vocalists, and all those instruments.
  • Have unique personalities.
  • Their infectious energy can get people on the dance floor.
  • Guests who don’t dance will still enjoy watching the show.
  • Live music is more emotional, which is what the day is all about.

Photography: Stephane Lemaire

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