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Brand your Event!

Branding your event – It is exactly what you see online on all of the fabulous party blogs out there.  Branding your special occasion can mean several things, but it definitely does not mean you have to have an event theme! Here is a list of ways you can brand your party:

  • Monogram on various items throughout the event starting with the paper goods.  Don’t go overboard with this though. We do not want to see that you are unoriginal and just didn’t know where to place it so it went everywhere. 
  • Pattern! Patterns are hot this year. Chevron especially, reminds us of how hot damask was in 2008.  Pick a pattern that is not overused and will not fade in a year or two.  Go to fabric stores and see what’s in right now.  Purchasing a bunch of remnants is a good way to take some home and decide. If you are wondering how you are going to get this on your printed items, chances are they might have the pattern on (search for seamless pattern, vector file).
  • Texture! This is one element that is often overlooked. Remember we are trying to evoke the five senses and touch is one of them! Use a different type of linen. How about a patterned linen with some 3D texture? Possibilities are endless!

We saw these images on The Party Dress blog and we got so excited to see an event branded to perfection!  Check it out:

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