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cateringIf you desire a cuisine crafted with passion and personal care where each ingredient stands on its own, look no further. Standing in the middle of the kitchen overseeing it all is our caterer. She not only places importance on the food’s taste, but on the smell and feel of it. Her diverse menu provides a memory of its own. Our catering team is dedicated to creating gourmet meals for any occasion with the added touch you deserve. Whether you want buffet-style so your guests can create their own plates or a formal sit-down dinner with dedicated wait-staff, we’ll help you customize your meal. Food enhances and often defines experience. We offer personalized tastings so we can work with you to help design the most delectable menu for your occasion. We’re dedicated to ensuring palatable perfection for you and your guests.

Menu available upon appointment

Buffet with high grade disposable ware * Semi formal buffet with china * Formal sit down service


Additional Rental Services


Lounge Furnituretable
Add a modern twist to your event with lounge furniture.

Enhance your event with illumination in your theme color.

Chocolate Fountains
Indulge in imported chocolate and fresh fruits.

Frozen Margarita Machine
The signature drink for any event.

Specialty Linens
Dress up your event in style with specialty linens.

Party Props
Add a little fun and excitement to the dance floor!

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